A Century of Progress
in Head & Neck Cancer

July 26 – 30, 2014
Marriott Marquis
New York, NY
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Presentation: P0964
Topic: Poster Session
Type: Poster
Authors: Predrag Spiric, PhD, Sanja Spiric, PhD
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Institution(s): University clinc center Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Supracricoid partial laryngectomy (SCPL) was described by Mayer  in late 1970 and since then used with more or less success for surgical treatment of advanced laryngeal carcinoma. Standard technique considered tracheostomy as necessary step before or during operation. Afterwards, quite long period of decanullation is needed to meet primarily goal of the operation.


Aim of this study is to show technique modification which diminish the need of tracheostomy as part of the operation.

Material and methods:

We analyzed relevant data on postoperative procedures used to establish breathing and swallowing. All patients we treated by same surgical team in ENT clinic banja Luka .


During the 6 years period we treated 16 patients with diagnosed advanced cancer of the larynx. We performed supracricoid partial laryngectomy as cricohyoidopexy (CHP) or cricohyoidoepiglottopexy(CHEP). One of the patients was successfully operated as cricoglossopexy(CGP). Mean age was  59,5.

In two patients we had to perform the tracheostomy during the operation. Nasogastric tube feeding was maintained 6,3 days average. Patients stayed 10 days in average in hospital.


With our modification SCPL got a new dimension for patient as well as for surgeon. It is followed with less morbidity and shorter hospital stay, It is more acceptable for patients with short adaptation time to swallowing while breathing is sufficient from beginning.

View this poster.

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