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July 21-25, 2012
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Presentation: P092
Topic: Larynx/Oral Cavity
Type: Poster
Date: Sunday - Tuesday, July 22 - 24, 2012
Session: Designated Poster viewing times
Authors: Reza Radmand
Institution(s): Yale New Haven Hospital

Oral clearance in patients undergoing head and neck cancer therapy. A multidisciplinary treatment approach.
As oral specialists, properly trained dental professionals are experts in diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases. They are also obligated to be educators, both In the community as well as the institutions they often work and teach at. The road to achieving the goal of prevention and treatment of oral disease, is through a multidisciplinary approach, especially in relationship to head and neck cancer therapy . The collaboration and clear communication between the dental professionals and the medical colleagues involved in the this field, is vital to reducing the patient’s morbidity and mortality. This retrospective study will explore the event outcomes in the multidisciplinary treatment approach of patients with various types and stages of head and neck cancer, in a single institution setting.

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