Mucosal Melanoma Vs Skin Melanoma Comparative Study In Head And Neck

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Topic: Skin Cancers
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Authors: Kuauhyama Luna-Ortiz, MD, Veronica Villavicencio-Valencia, MD, Hector Martinez-Said, MD
Institution(s): Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia
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Objective: In general Head and Neck Mucosal Melanoma (HNMM) is described as a pathology with poor prognosis, that is true, even when comparing with their counterpart in the skin melanoma in head and neck (SMHN), until now we did not find any article which compare those two entities, HNMM vs SMHN. the aim of the present work is to compared those two entities in a Mexican population in terms of clinical characteristics and Disease Free Survival and Overall Survival.

Methods: We review in a retrospective study the fields of patients wit diagnosis of HNMM in the department of Head and Neck Surgery and the fields of patients with Diagnosis of SMHN. Clinical data of both groups and DFS and OS comparing both grupos were done according to Kaplan-Mier.

Staging system were according to AJCC for Mucosal melanoma and for Skin Melanoma. 

Results: 66 Patients for HNMM and 227 for SMHN, No difference were found between both groups in the Gender, N Stage, M stage, relapse and status. A difference exist in the General Stage because Mucosal melanoma begins at III stage there are not I or II. But when we compared DFS  and Over al survival for both groups.

DFS    Mucosa    Skin
1 year    94%    99%
2 years    78%    99%
3 years    55%    98%
5 years    18%    94%
Mean    (CI 95%)
Mucosa    35    (18.98 – 50.90)
Skin     141  (107.13 – 175)
Mucosa     7
Skin    108

OS    Mucosa          Skin
1 year    94%    100%
2 years    88%    93%
3 years    81%    92%
5 years    49%    88%
Mean    (CI 95%)
Mucosa    89    (65 – 113)
Skin     132  (104 – 161)
Mucosa     46
Skin    108

There are not difference in DFS or OS for Both Groups.

Conclusion: In our Institution even when Staging system is different for MMHH vs SMHN no differences existe in general terms of DFS or OV. Comparison between groups is not possible because HNMM is consider more aggressive and begins at stage III.

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