Cutaneous Malignancies Of Head And Neck And Reconstruction By Local Flaps In A New Peripheral Cancer Centre In India

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Topic: Skin Cancers
Type: Poster
Date: Posters
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Authors: Sumit Gupta, Dr1, Prathmesh Pai, Prof2, Tapas Dora, Dr1, Sankalp Sancheti, Dr1
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Institution(s): 1Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Sangrur, 2Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
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The majority of skin cancers of the head and neck are nonmelanoma skin cancers (NMSC). Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the most frequent types of cutaneous malignancies. Various options for treatment of skin cancer are available to the patient and physician, allowing high cure rate and excellent functional and cosmetic outcomes. Sunscreen protection and early evaluation of suspicious areas remain the first line of defense against skin cancers.

In our centre 15 patients presented with cutaneous malignancies of head and neck. Out of 15 cases ten cases were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma and five cases with squamous cell carcinoma. Among the fifteen cases 11 are women and 4 and men. average age of  patients is 45 years.  Most common site in basal cell carcoinoma patients is face and particularly nasolabial area. in squamous cell carcinoma patients most common site is Scalp. Among 15 patient  largest size of the defect after the resection of tumor is 55 x 10 cm in scalp and reconstruction of this defect was done with Lattissmus Dorsi Flap and Scalp Rotation flap. In rest of cases local flaps from head and neck region taken.

This cancer centre is located in the northern west region of india where extreme of temperature persists. In winter weather usually there is habbit of sitting in sun is most coomon habbit in this region.  

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